Wu Chi is the energy of Pre-Heaven — the wholeness
which existed in the moment before the creation of the universe.

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What is optimal health?

Ch’i is the lifeforce flowing through all living beings — a balanced abundance of quality Ch’i defines health. In optimal health, the five elements found in nature and in our bodies are in equal balance. Illness of any kind results from imbalanced or insufficient Ch’i.

But I don’t need acupuncture!

The art of acupuncture shines brightest as a preventative medicine. In ancient China, the highest quality physician was one who prevented disease and illness. A second-rate doctor was one who waited for symptoms to become obvious in order to treat them.

When bad things happen…

Symptoms in themselves are not the illness or imbalance — but rather a signal that there is a disturbance in the flow of Ch’i. Acupuncture treats the underlying cause of the disturbance and allows the body’s own natural powers to do the healing work.

How Five Element Acupuncture Works

Classical Five Element Acupuncture was developed and brought to the west by Professor J. R. Worsley. Rooted in Taoist tradition and thought, it sees each person as a unique individual and treats each person individually in body, mind and spirit.

An initial visit

At the initial consultation and treatment, your acupuncturist collects medical and personal information and gives a physical exam. This takes 1½ to 2 hours. A treatment plan is then made for your individual condition and situation. Subsequent treatments last 45 minutes to 1 hour.

A healing partnership

Together you and your practitioner work towards your optimal health. Often you practitioner will suggest lifestyle or dietary changes. This enhances the benefits of your treatments and creates long-lasting balance in your body, mind and spirit.


Ch’i is the Chinese concept of life energy — the force that fills all living beings. Your acupuncturist will determine the amount and quality of the Ch’i within your body by taking your pulse. Ch’i flows in specific pathways, or meridians, throughout the body.


There are 12 main meridians that correspond to our organs and organ systems. At certain points, meridians run near the surface of the skin. It is at these points that your acupuncturist accesses and balances the Ch’i using superfine, sterile needles.


Each of the 12 organs or organ systems has a corresponding pulse found above the radial artery on the wrists. The quality and relationships of these pulses reveal the state of health of each organ or organ system.


Often a small amount of the herb Artemesia Vulgaris, or mugwort is gently burned on the point to warm it before needling. This enhances the flow of energy and makes the treatment more successful.

Single-use, sterile needles

Acupuncturists use very fine (the width of a human hair) sterile, disposable needles to access and balance the meridians of Ch’i energy. When the needle is inserted, some people notice the sensation of a small electric shock.


When a person can’t tolerate a needle due to numbness or nerve damage, lasers offer a less invasive, yet effective method of balancing a person’s Ch’i. When applied to acupunture points, lasers have the same benefit as a needle. Lasers have been used effectively on carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, sciatica and tendonitis.